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Atlas Store Air Purifier with Latest Technology

The Atlas Store
The following twomodels of Atlas Digital Air Purifiers (303CHO and 300CHO) have been designed with the latest Air Purifier Technologies.
The units include the following features:

  •   7 Stages of air purification process
  •    3 Ozone plates 
  •    Four Speed fan
  •    Compact yet powerful
  •    Room size selection five level adjustable purifier
  •    Manual control and Remote control
  •    Digital clock
  •    Digital Timer function
  •    Safety switch (disable unit unless filters are properly installed)
  •    Attractive black color or wooden grain finish
  •    Washable and replaceable pre-filter
  •    Washable and replaceable Hospital Grade HEPA filter
  •    Washable and replaceable photo-catalytic filter
  •    Long lasting UV light and Anion Light
  •    Low energy consumption, low maintenance
  •    Stainless steel construction
  •    No chemicals and no residual contamination.
  •    Coverage area: 3,500 Sq. Ft.

     • 6 stage air purification process
     • Five speed fan
     • Compact yet powerful
     • Room size selection and five level adjustable purifier
     • Manual control and Remote control
     • Digital clock
     • Digital timer function
     • Safety switch (disable unit unless filters are properly installed)
     • Attractive black color, wooden grain finish or other color options
     • Washable and replaceable pre-filter
     • Washable and replaceable hospital-grade HEPA filter
     • Washable and replaceable photo-catalytic filter
     • Long-lasting UV light

     • Sleep mode dims the bright LCD panel to a minimum level            allowing a good nights sleep.