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Replacement Kit 303CHO Washable HEPA Filter photo catalytic UV Ozone Plates
Replacement Kit 303CHO 1 Washable HEPA Filter 1 Washable Pre-Filter 1 photo catalytic Filter 1 Replaceable Germicidal UV Light Strip 3 Heavy Duty Ceramic O3 Plates
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Product Description
Replacement Kit for 303CHO Hepa, photocatalytic, UV, Ozone Plates

Replacement kit for 303CHO HEPA UV

Kit will include:

1 Washable HEPA Filter
1 Washable Pre-Filter
1 Photocatalytic Filter

3 Heavy Duty Ceramic O3 Plates
1 Replaceable Germicidal UV Light Strip

UPC: 859456002874
Reviews (1)
Name : Reza
Location :
Title :
Review : Great kit for my Atlas 303CHO. My units work a lot better after this kit, it was like getting a tune up.

Questions (1)
On the 303 Atlas that part for replacement kit that thing that's lit up in green is the part I need what is it called on the unit. Thx...

Hello, Thanks for your message. It is called the UV light bulb. Thanks

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